Hi, my name is Mariana Andrade, I am currently in my third year of teaching. This is my first year at Northam Primary School, having previously working as a Pre-Primary teacher at Newman Primary School.


What are we learning Semester One 2023?



This semester, we are learning to identify words in sentences, count syllables, identify rhyming words, and we will be looking into initial sounds.

We use Letters and Sounds, Heggerty and PreLit programs to ensure all students receive high-quality learning experiences.



This Semester, we have been focusing on foundational math skills and shapes. Our activities include number identification, mastering counting skills, and exploring common 2D shapes, like squares, circles, triangles, and rectangles.


We use the Top Ten Maths Program, which incorporate hands-on activities to enhance learning. We integrate nursery rhymes, stories and play to further explore these concepts.



Health and Sport:

We have been actively engaging in sports and health activities. For sports, we have a daily obstacle course that allows children to develop Fundamental Motor Skills. We use Kiddo program to play games that reinforce these concepts.


In Health, we focus on understanding of emotions using the Zones of Regulation. We also promote healthy habits through interactive games, discussions and play.

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