The Northam Primary School P&C is very excited to announce we have found a new canteen supervisor! Which means we are ready to open again. As of 24/05/2023 the NPS Snack Shack is ready to go. We will be operating at a reduced menu to begin with as we get up and running again, but don’t worry, there is still lots of yummy things for lunch and recess!


Introducing Miss Sarah


Miss Sarah is our new addition to the canteen. She has come to us from a background of working in kitchens and service and is very excited to join us at Northam Primary School. On behalf of the NPS P&C we want to wish Miss Sarah the best of luck in her new position and welcome to Northam Primary.

Fun Facts about Miss Sarah:


Favourite Food:Old fashioned roast with all the trimmings!

Favourite holiday spot: Singapore or Vietnam

Favourite colour: Purple                                           

Favourite book: Any cookbooks, I love cooking and have about 100 cookbooks.

My pets: I have a Beaglier named Marlo, and three Siamese fighting fish named Semillon, Sauvignon and Blanc.           

Interesting facts about me: I was born in Malaysia. I was on the ground as parts of the banner group at Optus Stadium for the very first AFL match played there between the Eagles and the Sydney Swans (I am a passionate Swans supporter!). I have travelled a lot throughout Europe and Asia, and even went to the Big Apple (New York). I lived in Esperance for 20 years and the beautiful Lucky Bay has just been voted the best beach in the world.


Opening Days

Wednesday to Friday

As there are no students at school on Friday the 2nd of June, the canteen will open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of week 6 instead!



The canteen will need your help! We need volunteers to help Miss Sarah in the canteen each day. We have created a SignUp page to make it easy for you to select days you can help, simply scan the QR code to go to the webpage. If you would prefer to speak to Miss Sarah in person, please pop into the canteen before school any day the canteen is open.





The canteen follows the Healthy Food and Drink Choices recommendations from the Department of Health. The traffic light system recommends that canteens offer 60% Green foods and 40% Amber food choices.

The canteen is open during recess and lunch play times for purchasing.

Keep an eye on the P&C Facebook Page for daily specials.



Online Ordering 

See the link below for instructions.


Online Ordering




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