Kaya Wanjoo (Hello welcome)


Northam Primary School is part of a growing group of schools offering Noongar Language as a subject area. Student’s from years 3-6 get the opportunity to learn from local Noongar expert and AIEO, Miss Elizabeth Stack.

Noongar is taught in line with the WA Curriculum requirements for learning a second language and is assessed and reported on formally.

In Noongar language we aim for students to be able to;

  • Communicate both orally and in writing. This includes singing in language and for special events.
  • Responding to teachers and peers in language.
  • Recognising and speaking the words for feelings, colours, numbers, animals and plants.
  • Understanding the 6 Noongar seasons and the animals, plants and culturally specific events that take place within each season.
  • Understanding where in WA Noongar people are from and that we live on Ballardong boodja.

Northam Primary School - Acknowledgement of Country


We gather here today in this special place on Ballardong Noongar budjar. We continue our learning journey together.

We stand together side by side to respect the Ballardong Noongar mort as traditional custodians of this land.

We are thankful for the sun rise, the bilya that flows through our town and our education.

We pay our respects to the Elders of past, present and future. We acknowledge their spiritual connection to country.


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