Benvenuti alle lezioni d’italiano a Northam Primary School!


The language that we learn at NPS is Italian, which exposes the Students from Year 3 to 6 to a beautiful language which is very closely related to English. About 60% of English is derived from Latin, old-fashioned Italian. It is an easy language to learn to read and spell due to its phonetic spelling, so students who have difficulties with reading and spelling often find it much simpler than English, and gain confidence with sounding out, which they can then transfer back to their English work.


The students have opportunities to enter competitions and other activities on a state or national level, where they complete the same tasks as students in other schools. NPS has repeatedly shown that our language skills are indeed up with the best in Western Australia. We also enjoy celebrating various Italian cultural events and trying some cooking, art/craft activities and cooking – all of which add to the learning experiences.


Viva l’italiano!

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