The Arts

Music is a traditionally important part of education at Northam Primary School.


Currently only students from K – Year 2 have specialist Music lessons each week.


Northam Primary School also has a choir, composed of a small group of dedicated students who meet weekly during a lunch period to enjoy their singing. Traditionally the choir enters the Northam Performing Arts Festival, which, unfortunately this year, could not be held.


A major highlight of our Music Program is our Instrumental Music Program. Students towards the end of Year 4 complete Musical Aptitude tests and some are invited to participate in this program.


School of Instrumental teachers in woodwind, brass and percussion travel from Perth for weekly lessons. Students in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to learn to play, flute or clarinet, trumpet, trombone or baritone or a drum kit and other percussion. We have the Northam Area Schools Band; which students join as soon as their playing skills allow. The band rehearses on a Wednesday afternoon every week and is an integral part of the program, giving the students the opportunity to play and develop their skills in a real environment. The band performs at small musical functions such as the NPAF, and a concert for the school, and sometimes other events as the opportunity arises.

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